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Reiki Meditations

An acclaimed classic for over a decade.
Dr Usui's authentic exercises for students and masters.

Clip from the Self Healing Meditation

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How To Use

Each of the Reiki Meditations have been created with regular use in mind. Simply find a quiet space where you can focus and follow this meditation. Whatever arises, do not attach to it or analyse, just let it go. It is a good idea to drink some water before and after.

Track List

①    Introduction to Hatsu Rei Ho [2m 55s]

A short introduction to the Hatsu Rei Ho Meditation, describing terms and movements

②    Hatsu Rei Ho [17m 58s]

An exercise to purify your energy field, strengthen the flow of Reiki within, increase sensitivity to energy and develop intuition

③    Self Healing Meditation — The Original Way [28m 07s]

A guided journey to peace, health and wellbeing, bringing balance on emotional, physical, mental and spiritual levels

④    A Guided Distance Healing Visualisation [20m 17s]

To help send powerful healing to another person

Reiki Meditations

— For students and Masters —

    ✧ Key Features ✧

  • Best-seller
  • All natural sounds
  • Designed for regular use
  • Easy-to-follow for all abilities
  • Properly paced Hatsu Rei Ho
  • Powerful, acclaimed Self-Healing
  • Full Distant Healing Meditation
  • Safe, long lasting, value for money

Reiki Meditations is a collection of three, full, authentic, Reiki practices or meditations, from the original lineage of Dr. Usui, the founder of Reiki.

With regular listening and practice and inspiring to both new and experienced practitioners, these beautiful and well-constructed guided visualisations assist your practice, helping you to reach deeper levels of reiki meditative states, purification, improve your self-healing and increasing your power of distant healing.

These tracks are purposefully designed to be followed as easily as possible, to cause no interference with your practice, allowing you to directly access Reiki meditative states as quickly as possible, aiding your concentrating on Reiki energy and deepening your meditations.

All three tracks are specially tuned to musical tones associated with the subtle energy centres of the body beneficially for Reiki. Ruth's haunting ethereal vocal harmonies greatly enhance the soft spoken visualisations and combined with your own energy, can help to produce a powerful healing experience, further enriched and completed by the subtle sounds of nature gently encapsulating the soothing melodies and Ruth's voice.

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Over a decade of Unsolicited Testimonials

The acclaimed quality of Reiki Meditations is born of the hundreds of hours of guided meditations with Ruth's students, resulting in three highly-developed tracks born of that experience.

We hope the care that has gone into creating the Reiki Meditations and listening to the many requests by those who practice Reiki and asked Ruth for meditations that really worked, is evident from their comments.

Please take a moment to read just a handful of the many wonderful testimonials we have received over the years, that we are both thrilled and very grateful to have received.

All our testimonials are unsolicited and from students, practitioners, masters and teachers of Reiki and all levels of discipline.


I am a Reiki Master and Holistic Therapist working in Brisbane, Australia - I have a studio where I run workshops and classes, my business is called Enlightened Spirit. I found you through YouTube - I was looking for some Chakra Meditations and wow, I found your Flower Chakra Meditation, I have to say it is one of the most beautiful moving meditations I have ever heard, I can feel the divine energy in every word. I am a trained meditation teacher and I have heard hundreds of meditations, yours is the first where I have truly felt divine love and angelic guidance within it. I have downloaded your gorgeous Celestial Sounds music too which resonates through my entire being, I really love it. With love and gratitude, Katie