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Celestial Sounds Meditation Music

Over an hour of gentle vocal harmonic chorus to enhance meditation, relaxation and therapy

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How To Use

Celestial Sounds has been created with regular use in mind. Use it with your meditation practice, therapy or to fill any space with relaxing and peaceful choral harmonies.

Track List

①    Celestial Sounds [67m 29s]

Allow it to wash over you, dissolving strees, anxiety and pain — filling you with deep relaxation and inner peace


    ✧ Key Features ✧

  • All natural sounds
  • Designed for regular use
  • Harmonious Therapy Music
  • Acclaimed vocal harmonies
  • Enhance Meditative Practices
  • Tuned to associated chakra tones for balancing
  • Calming Sounds for Children
  • Eases stress and relaxes
  • Can aid sleeping troubles

Over a full hour of healing ethereal harmonies tuned created to balance chakras, aid meditation, enhance therapy or soothe and relax.

Created for aid your deepest relaxation and to harmonise the energy centres of your body, this meditation is designed to enhance meditation, or for use in holistic or conventional therapy sessions.

It can also provide relaxing background music to help increase your well-being. Children also have loved this music to calm them when restless or to help settle them at bedtime

Gentle, ethereal sounds and soothing tones, tuned to the associated tones that balance chakras, help to create rich, tender and enchanting melodies, combining to help release tension and maybe stimulate a powerful spiritual experience.

As with all our CDs, only organic, human, natural sounds are used, layered in a special way to create Celestial Sounds' unique sound.

This meditation contains over an hour of blended harmonies and subtle melodies with plenty of variation to allow for extended listening.

Listen at anytime, to help center and balance you, to de-stress, unwind or enhance any stressful space. Playing last thing at night to help facilitate a peaceful and refreshing sleep, or create a personal sanctuary whilst you drift off, unwind, recharge or heal. Please read some of our Testimonials to see how people use this music and some of the great responses we've received.

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Over a decade of Unsolicited Testimonials

The wonderful response to Celestial Sounds Meditation Music we have received over the years are born of the hundreds of hours of guided meditations with Ruth's students, resulting in an intimate understanding of what kind of music people use often for spiritual practices.

We hope the care that has gone into creating Celestial Sounds Meditation Music requested by Ruth's students for music-only backing that really worked, is evident from their comments.

Please take a moment to read just a handful of the many wonderful testimonials we have received that we are thrilled and very grateful to have received.

All our testimonials are unsolicited and from all manner of people of different spiritual disciplines and walks of life.


I haven't heard many things in this lifetime that touch me on a deeper level than what I heard in this latest CD. I just wanted to thank you for creating such wonderfully meditative music. I play Celestial Sounds when I practice my mantra and it is quite simply sublime. Some meditation music can be distracting but Celestial Sounds creates a beautifully harmonic balance that opens the perfect pathway of sound for me go within. Thank you