We are so grateful for the wonderful unsolicited testimonials we have received over the years for Reiki Meditations.
Here are just a handful...

Reiki Master Testimonial

I am a Reiki Master and Holistic Therapist working in Brisbane, Australia - I have a studio where I run workshops and classes, my business is called Enlightened Spirit. I found you through YouTube - I was looking for some Chakra Meditations and wow, I found your Flower Chakra Meditation, I have to say it is one of the most beautiful moving meditations I have ever heard, I can feel the divine energy in every word. I am a trained meditation teacher and I have heard hundreds of meditations, yours is the first where I have truly felt divine love and angelic guidance within it. I have downloaded your gorgeous Celestial Sounds music too which resonates through my entire being, I really love it. With love and gratitude, Katie


What a beautiful CD! I am a Certified Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master in Charleston, SC and am honored and grateful to use this CD for a class I am teaching...I use it for a guided meditation for the opening of the class. So amazing!


It's hard to describe it with any word but ethereal — Beth Lowel


I have to say that I love your CD; I think it is the ancient roots of Reiki that your meditations speak of. The feel is very authentic to me. I love the distance healing meditation


Dear Ruth, I just wanted to let you know what a profound effect your Reiki Meditations CD had on me and in particular Track Two: Self Healing Meditation. I could not believe my ears when hearing your angelic voice both singing and speaking and the sounds of the beautiful birds and the running stream. I thought I was in heaven!! There were moments when I went very light in weight and I was flying without the need for wings!! I don’t know how long that feeling lasted because I was not aware of time. It was so special and so profound that I could feel a sort of cleansing in every cell of my body. I don’t know how else to describe such an incredible experience. My tonic coming home from school is half an hour of you in the Self Healing CD. I do not need to reach for the bottle, the fags or the chocolate!! You will do just fine!! I don’t smoke or drink but I do love organic dark chocolate as a little treat each day and I don’t feel at all guilty about it!! I wanted to put this in writing to you just so that you can realise the effect you have on us out there and that all your hard work in creating such a CD has been a wonderful experience for me. I am totally revitalised after or totally rested if I am to go to sleep afterwards. It works well both ways. Thank you so much Celeste and take great care of yourself. God Bless! With love from Trudy


I'm loving your CD, Reiki Meditations, I seem to be able to relax far more quickly when using it for Hatsu Rei Ho and Self Healing


I loved the CD, especially the singing. A powerful Reiki experience


Thank you so much for the wonderful CDs, we all thought your Hatsu Rei track was beautiful, so THANK YOU!


I loved the vocals and your voice is wonderful to listen to, like meditating with nature


My Reiki Master played your Reiki Meditation CD, and I was amazed, your voice is so amazing, and you have found a really good mix of natural sounds that feel as if they are part of you when you listen to them


I could not believe my ears when hearing your angelic voice both singing and speaking and the sounds of the beautiful birds and the running stream. I thought I was in heaven!! There were moments when I went very light in weight and I was flying without the need for wings!! I don't know how long that feeling lasted because I was not aware of time. It was so special and so profound that I could feel a sort of cleansing in every cell of my body. I don't know how else to describe such an incredible experience. Thank you


My tonic coming home from school is half an hour of you on the Self Healing CD. I do not need to reach for the bottle, the fags or the chocolate!! You will do just fine!!


Dear Celeste, I thought I would drop you a line to say how much benefit I am getting from your Reiki self healing CD. I am a 65 year-old man with a few health problems which are pretty well controlled by (too much) medication. I practice Buddhist meditation and my main interest is in self healing and so I am very grateful for your CDs


I tried your distant Reiju transmission tonight, after I'd done the healing meditation and Hatsu Rei and the tingling in my hands and down the left side of my body was intense, so I think that worked as well! Thank you so much

Over a decade of Unsolicited Testimonials

The acclaimed quality of Reiki Meditations is born of the hundreds of hours of guided meditations with Ruth's students, resulting in three highly-developed tracks born of that experience.

We hope the care that has gone into creating the Reiki Meditations and listening to the many requests by those who practice Reiki and asked Ruth for meditations that really worked, is evident from their comments.

Please take a moment to read just a handful of the many wonderful testimonials we have received over the years, that we are both thrilled and very grateful to have received.

All our testimonials are unsolicited and from students, practitioners, masters and teachers of Reiki and all levels of discipline.

YouTube Comments

Samantha Davies

This is the best meditation I have found on you tube. Love the music love the calm clear voice and love that little bell that makes me aware that the lady is about to talk so I'm not startled like on most meditations. Very relaxed now. Thank you :-) xxxxx

Gideon Craucamp

This is truly one of THE best Reiki Guided Meditations out there~! Looking forward to purchase my own personal copy/download of this incredible asset to my Reiki Arsenal. Reiki Blessings to you Celeste!!!!

Prajwal Tejaswi

Since the day I lost my job and was not getting any other I was lost in all ways. But this meditation made me alot better mentally and made me to hvae confidence in me alot. I really now dont have any negatives in me now. Thanks alot dear uploader

Copiously Opulent

Wooooow! That was a wonderful healing experience. Will definitely do it over and over again. I saw colors-- bright light and colors deep purple,yellow and just bright white light bathing me. Thank you for sharing your gift😊

Sarah Hemlock

Absolutely perfect and beautiful. Thank you!! Helps so much!


This is great. Thank you for your angelic voice in which your heart and soul comes through clearly. I am grateful. :-). My whole body lighted up and my veins felt like tubes of light after this.


Clean, Pure and wonderful :0} Simply fantastic! Thank you so very much...it's like recharging my Reiki energy by removing blockages and re-attuning myself! Namaste


This has helped me so much...you have helped me so much. Thank you.

Maria Ortega

I really loved to see and try to practice this beautiful video, thank you very much to have it. I will use every time I want to meditate, is one of the wonderful videos I have seen here.

Mitchell Mills

Thanks for posting this. ITS AMAZING!


Thank you very much for this meditation I feel strong, powerful but also a feeling of unconditional love. Thank you and Blessed Be :)


most blissful meditation i ever done, my favorite. Best meditation voice your using. I felt very happy to do this comfortable. I feel your voice resonates with me and brings me to a relaxed state that's calm and peaceful. Really appreciate your meditation, thank you. I honor you and look forward to more meditations from you. I felt inner peace with the water sounds.

Celeste Ulucan

I absolutely adore this, thank you for uploading, its really made a difference in my life. Namaste.


love this, makes me feel at peace, and the energy is intense......


THANK YOU so MUCH this would have to be the very best and most effective meditation I have ever come across, i love the imaginary you xxx thanks again.


brilliant. very powerful energy during this and such a sense of extreme peace. thanks for sharing. love to all

Dixie Justice

Menopause has been giving me Insomnia, This helps greatly. Blessings Dear one

Satail Tailin

Beautiful! I love the music/sound! I connect with this. Thank you!

Jorb Padessku

Great experience!

Sunvalley Metaphysical

awesome, can't wait to try this again.

Deb Shields

This is really helped me- thank you

helena del castillo

Best meditation voice. Thank You For This Melodious Melody


I used to think that these kinds of things were BS, but as soon as I began to meditate I became... tranquil. I felt the energy flow within me the minute I started. It may be because I have meditated before, just not in so entrancing a manner. I feel amazing, and when I started this, I had a sore throat, and now it's actually gone, wow.



Loren Garay

Thank you so very much. It is an awesome gift you shared.


TY VERY Much I have been the most stubborn hard case to get to truly meditate but her voice and the sounds of birds and water with a surround sound effect was utterly mind melting and body calming and erased all my fears


hey, the best meditation 4 me i'v ever heard. plz, i need the whole instruction in text because my english is 2 small ... thx.

Ed Couyet

thank you is is beautiful. Blessings, may you be well

Debi Belle

It is Reiki as you say the words you are attuning the person that is listening. A very powerful meditation with every intentional word, thank you

Leslie Gilbert

This felt so good. Thanks. Your voice is very soothing. Peace!

Chelo Perales

It is the very first time someone tells about how it is like opening the Third Eye. Thank you so very much. It helps us to be attentive and careful about doing meditation and to expect to "pay a price" (for lack of a better word) for experiencing things others do not. Health to all. Metta to the woman who guides this meditation.


you're a divine healer!! great job xD


Thank you!!! Powerful! Gentle.Simple. Namast'e, John


I thoroughly enjoyed this. Thank you. Very much. Peaceful energies to all.


That was beautiful. Thank you.


Thank you for this beautiful experience. Namaste


wonderful voice and background sound ,,,thanks for sharing . love and light


OH WOW, i don't know where to start!!! I tried this meditation a couple weeks ago and in the one part where you think of someone else to send energy I thought of my aunt who has been having a lot of problems with her bladder and things they tested her for cancer. I thought and concentrated on her abdomen, and she felt the energy through out the next couple days.....She went today and got the results for her tests and they came back NEGATIVE......

Dylan Cook

I found it very soothing it helps me sleep


Fantastic! Thanks for sharing!


Beautiful, just so beautiful! You can really feel the healing energies. Thank you for sharing this


This is truly profound. Amazingly soothing. Thank you for this.


my hands feel like their on fire, this was awesome. i could feel the energy flowing through my hands

Gyspy Rose Dukes

I love this meditation. It helps me to remove any physical and emotional pain that I have suffered over the years. Thank you so much for uploading this on youtube! :)

Blessed be!

Very powerful, and healing. Thank you.

la reina

Poised in my "listening" position, I heard this at a library for the 1st time. Fell DEEPLY asleep WITHIN 3 MINUTES. Then fell off my chair. Everybody stared. It's all good. :)

Misery Cottage

This is truly the best meditation I have ever come across and I would urge anyone to give it a go.....thank you Celeste, discovering this session has proven to be truly magnificent for me

Shannon Stokely

Truly wonderful!

Appleangels Healing

really calm and peaceful music! LOVE!


This is a very nice meditation for beginning the day, ending the day or just a break to bring yourself back to center anytime during the day. Very Nice (-:

Michele Buring

exceptional music with water and bird sounds and lovely peaceful voice with imagery... thank you Namaste

anandhu prasad

really this one is so powerfull and i enjoyed alot

Roberto Montesinos

I was really surprised when the self-healing soothed my painful pinched nerve episode into an non-episode. I am so grateful to you. Gracias!!

anet M Matthews

Divinely guided to these meditations in this moment, In Gratitude, Misa

Heather W. Strange The Kangen Water Lady

Very powerful. Really enjoyed this.

la reina

Wow. Wow. Wow.

Darleen Paul

Simply stunning! Thank you

Huddin Huddin

Will definitely do it over and over again. I saw colors-- bright light and colors deep purple,yellow and just bright white light bathing me. Thank you.

Bert Ward

Thank You. That was wonderful. :)

carol primo

extremely useful

Mary Cornell

thank you soooo much!!!

Ricardo Cruz

thank you. really good.

frances moorshead

Bless you. A better me is growing

Erminio Zarcone

Thank you so much.

Inna Balykina

This is so incredibly beautiful and healing, thank you very much ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ :-D XOXO

bernie krumis

I love this womans voice, so relaxing and hypnotic


Been having breathing issues due to the CA wild fires and stomach problems for the past 2 weeks was ready to go to see the Dr. I decided to have my Reiki group work on me and immediately started feeling better. The symptoms are fading away day by day and energy has increased to the point I could do a 1 hour work out class.. Love love love it. ;)

Summer Foovay

Thank you so much for sharing this very powerful reiki meditation at no cost. It helps me and my husband a great deal. Blessedbe. Namaste.

Sonia Venegas

I loved this, thank you

catherine McFaddin

Brilliant, thank you! My hands are tingling with energy.

Holly K

Love this...!!


Excellent guided mediation. Just want I needed.


This is Beautiful, Wonderful, and Very Inspirational. Thank you. Namaste!!!


the best one Ive found



noa roa

That was extremely beautiful. Amen. I Am grateful.

Sophia Paronian

Thank You Very Much. After this section I feel totally relax.

Rusudan Kvirikashvili

the best guided meditation ever!

Lisa Wright

Beautiful highly recommend


Very very relaxing

Emma Smith


Annie Love

Really wonderful! At first I felt it was muffled, but as I put in my headphones and released, it became part of the dance and an integral part of the meditation 💫💜

Savita Kk

Thanks for the wonderful meditation


Beautiful music and voice. Well done..thank you.

Danute Petrick

I am grateful. Thank you very much.


thank you

Bob Reilly

beautiful thank you xo :-) ~☜❤☞~

veronica dillon

thank you

lynn clark

Thank you I Loved this, blessings

Marie Gallacher

Thank you ❤️

patrick junior

very good

Gary Snowdon

I really loved this

Phantom Blackstar

I guess I have more discovery to me then I thought. Thanks


Thank you. The healing energies are amazing...

Lilia Sabença

I've been using these instructions since January . Love them, thanks alot for sharing... :D

Magdalena Luchter

I love this meditation :)


THANK YOU. This was/is my favorite guided meditation