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Angelic Gold Meditations

A guided visualisation to meet your very own Guardian Angel
Guided Meditation for Healing with Archangel Raphael

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How To Use

The Angelic Gold Meditations have been created with regular use in mind. Simply find a quiet space where you can focus and follow this meditation. Whatever arises, do not attach to it or analyse, just let it go. It is a good idea to drink some water before and after.

Track List

①    Guardian Angel Meditation [29m 02s]

A guided visualisation journey to connect with the beautiful angelic being who is always watching over you

②    Healing with Archangel Raphael [21m 57s]

A profound visualisation for healing with Archangel Rapahel and his hosts of healing angels, accompanied by Ruth's angelically inspired ethereal vocal choral harmonies

Angelic Gold Meditations

    ✧ Key Features ✧

  • Safe, effective guidance
  • Strengthen your relationship with your Angelic Guide
  • Learn how to create a personal meeting place for guidance and healing anytime you wish
  • All natural sounds
  • Designed for regular use
  • Easy-to-follow for all abilities
  • Applauded ethereal vocal harmonies

Has a little white feather ever drifted down as if from nowhere to land softly at your feet, or maybe appeared in your chair? These downy feathers are an angel's calling card letting you know of their presence.

The first of two meditations takes you on a very special inner journey to meet and build relationship with your own Angelic Guardian; the second, to receive a deep, angelic healing from the Archangel, Raphael.

Encountering angelic energy and your very own Guardian Angel can be a most incredible and profound experience. This meditation helps to strengthen that intimate bond between you and these loving beings who are always by your side, watching over you and who always answer your call at any moment you may desire help or guidance, to guide and heal you.

Ruth has over two decades of experience with using guided meditation to aid individuals and groups awaken their relationship with these deeply personal and faithful spiritual guides. This powerful visualisation is the result of those years of experience, creating a safe experience for direct contact with this powerful energy and divine presence, no matter what the level of experience, ability or discipline.

The visualisation is specially crafted so that you can use it anytime you require guidance, wish to request and receive advice or a symbolic gift, or to help you understand and heal what is needed on your journey at the present time.

As with all our Meditations, the music is carefully composed from organic natural sounds and vocals only. This meditation's vocal harmonies are especially layered and tuned to aid the opening of higher chakras or energy centers associated with spiritual insight, set against the backdrop of the sanctuary of a forest glade.

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Over a decade of Unsolicited Testimonials

The acclaimed Angelic Gold Meditations are born of the hundreds of hours of guided meditations with Ruth's students, resulting in two highly-developed tracks born of that experience.

We hope the care that has gone into creating Angelic Gold Meditations and listening to the many requests by those who work with their Angelic guides who asked Ruth for meditations that really worked, is evident from their comments.

Please take a moment to read just a handful of the many wonderful testimonials we have received throughout the years, that we are both thrilled and very grateful to have received.

All our testimonials are unsolicited and from those with all levels of experience working with angelic energies and beings.


Dear Ruth, I just had to get in touch with you to tell you of my experiences when using your Guardian Angel meditation CD...last week myself and a friend meditated together whilst listening to it and we were both quite profoundly moved to tears during and after it, many healing tears! Also when we opened our eyes my friend found a white angel feather on the arm of the chair he was sitting in – amazing! I used the meditation CD again this morning and was again moved to tears during it, also I felt a physical brushing sensation around my legs and my 3 deceased cats appeared with my Guardian was the most beautiful experience. I go very deep during your meditations, they are quite exquisite! Thank you so much. Blessings, Kat x