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Flower Chakra Meditations

Our highly popular guided meditation to energise and balance your chakras.

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How To Use

The Flower Chakra Meditation has been created with regular use in mind. Simply find a quiet space where you can focus and follow this meditation. Whatever arises, do not attach to it or analyse, just let it go. It is a good idea to drink some water before and after.

Track List

①    Guided Relaxation [6m 33s]

A simple, powerful relaxation that leads into...

②    Flower Chakra Meditation [41m 30s]

A guided relaxation leads you through a visualistion to awaken and energise your chakras, to balance, heal, harmonise and uplift, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Flower Chakra Meditation

    ✧ Key Features ✧

  • Original Best-seller
  • Safe for all ages and abilities
  • All natural sounds
  • Applauded vocal harmonies
  • Powerful Positive Affirmations
  • Visualisation to energise all chakras
  • Helps focus upon your 3rd eye
  • Aids tranquility and meditation
  • Safe, long lasting, value for money

Our most popular meditation leads you through a guided relaxation and then through a visualisation. Through focus and imagery upon all your energy centres, assists balance and healing, can uplift emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

The ethereal harmonic choral backing is specially tuned to the musical tones associated with the chakras. These shift in time as you are led through the chakras, combining with the positive affirmations to create a deeper meditative state.

Designed with regular listening and meditation practice in mind, the Flower Chakra Meditation can be used by those both new or experienced to meditation.

Let this beautiful and well-crafted guided visualisations assist your practice, helping to deepen and improve your meditations.

This meditation is purposefully created to be followed very easily and cause no interference with your practice. Ruth's haunting ethereal vocal harmonies greatly enhance the soft spoken visualisations and combined with your own focus and energy, can help to produce a powerful healing experience, further enriched and completed by the subtle sounds of nature gently encapsulating the soothing melodies and Ruth's voice.

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Over a decade of Unsolicited Testimonials

The acclaimed quality of Flower Chakra Meditation is born of the hundreds of hours of guided meditations with Ruth's students, resulting in three highly-developed tracks born of that experience.

We hope the care that has gone into creating Flower Chakra Meditation and listening to the many requests by those who practice meditation and enjoy guided meditations who have asked Ruth for meditations that really worked, is evident from their comments.

Please take a moment to read just a handful of the many wonderful testimonials we have received over the years, that we are both thrilled and very grateful to have received.

All our testimonials are unsolicited and from meditators of all levels of experience.


I have never had a CD that has relaxed me so much that I did not want it to finish. It is so relaxing and haunting that if anyone has difficulty in relaxing then this is the CD for them; I think that if you can not relax to this CD then nothing will make you relax. It is by far my favourite CD and am impatient to hear what the next one will be like! — Anne B